• Deep Tissue Massage

    Recommended to relax the muscles and dissolve contractures produced by stress, bad postures are missing of rest of sedentary life, a personalized pressure is used in the areas of highest tension, oxygenating the muscle until achieving the desired relief.



    Reflexology and Tired Legs

    It is a millennia technique based on the stimulation through a manual massage by means of digital pressure of the points in feet and lymph drainage, with stimulating effects on other parts of the body producing relief.



    Relaxing Massage

    Therapy aimed at phisical and mentalwell-being, imporves muscle tension, bllod and lymphatic circulation, relives stress and anxiety, achieving a mental state of relaxation.




    When essential oils are combined in aromatherapy, the effects are wonderful, the body begins to produce a complete experience of emotions in relaxation, well-being, harmony, physical and mental balance.